Regit - Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Domains and prices

Year 1 Year 2
.NU € 30 € 30 (Renewed for 2 years 60)
.SE € 50 € 50
.COM, NET, ORG € 54 € 54
.INFO, BIZ € 54 € 54

FL-Net AB är certifierat .SE ombudHow does this work with SE-domains?

Registration of SE domains is made via the FL-Net, by certified. SE registrars. We review the applications and help the applicant so that the applications will generally be approved without any problems. We also assist in transfers, price € 50. If you discover any errors in the ordering process of the domain name, you can email e for correction. Registration takes place only after the payment is remitted to us. The application documents are filed with FL-net and if you have any questions about your order, send an email to . To learn more, please read General conditions for registering domain names in .SE.. The cost for registering a SE-domain for 1 year is € 50 and are is billed at the time of the registration to FL-NET AB. Thereafter, FL-NET AB sends the bill to the customer for annual renewals. Renewal cost is € 50 per year.

Who can register a domain?

Individuals, companies, organizations, associations and others may register a domain.

Can a domain name be anything?

Domain name can be anything; company names, brand names, surnames, etc. However, they cannot be against law. You must also not take other people's trademarks in bad faith. For example, with .NU and.SE, you can also register domain names using Swedish characters (å, ä and ö). With .SE, you can now also register numeric domain names.

How do I start my domain?

To utilize and make use of a domain requires a hosting company. FL-Net have the hosting services. Order here.

Then change your DNS server to:

How do I pay?

Do I get any money back if the domain is not registered? An invoice is sent by e-mail after the payment is done in advance via postal giro, bank transfer or credit card. FL-Net provides the registration of the domain on receipt of payment. When the domain is registered, there is no refund. If the domain is reserved by other parties, then you will be reimbursed.

Does a domain have free email?

A domain does not have a free email service like Hotmail, Gmail, and others.

Do I need to activate my domain?

You can register a domain without posting it on the Internet. Just enjoy your stay. We will suspend your domain. In that case, the fields for technical data will be empty. And the price will be the same as the price for normal registration.

Web hosting

Everything about our web hosting can be found here

I want to change my details

To modify the information on a domain is free of charge. You cannot change the domain name. Changing an owner NU- or SE-domain will cost € 50. Email to for instructions.

FL-Net AB är certifierat .NU ombud How do I renew next year?

Payment for .NU is 1 year rent for the domain. After one year, FL-net sends an invoice of the renewal for another 2 years via regular mail and a copy of invoice via email. Other domains in our catalog are billed annually.

Can you register the domain instantly?

If you want to be sure to get your domain name registered as soon as possible, you should make your payment by credit card ( or direct payment by a bank.

Can I point the domain directly to my free website?

A domain cannot be directed at a common website like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and others without the use of the service Web Hosting.

How are my personal details used?

Personal information you provide when you fill out a form on these pages or otherwise recorded in connection with dealings with us, will be used by us and, where appropriate, by other companies within the Group for the preparation and administration of the service.
Personal data is further evidence of registration, marketing and customer analysis, business monitoring, business and innovation, and risk management. Personal information is also used for marketing purposes, unless you request being excluded for direct marketing.

Processing of personal data may, in under the confidentiality rules, also be done by other companies within the Group and other companies that cooperate with the group for its activities. All application documents are filed with us and you may, upon written request, inspect those documents.
Furthermore, an automatic registration of IP addresses takes place when you visit our pages. This registration is designed to measure the frequency of visits and to verify and identify the user.
Read more about PUL.

Move or transfer?

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How to terminate my contract with you?

For the contracts for our services. Click here.