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Free FTP program

FTP is used to upload your files. Here we have compiled a list of free FTP programs.
- Core FTP LE 2.1 build 1565
- CoffeeCup Free FTP 3
- FTP Now 2.6.87
- Leech FTP 1.3
- FTP Commander 8
- CoffeeCup Free FTP 3

Installing an e-mail account in Outlook

1. On the menu bar, choose Tools
2. Choose e-mail Accounts
3. Select Add new email account
4. Fill in the user information (eg, John Doe) and the username and password that will be set to the account.
5. Incoming e-mail:
6. Outgoing e-mail: (see also: Cannot send an email out?)
(After your hosting is started, you will find all information relating to usernames, passwords and server names in the manual you receive by mail)

How do I get MySQL account?

If it is not in your manual, please send an email to our support here and ask about this

What should I consider when I upload my web pages?

You should keep in mind that you add your files and images in a directory named www when you login. Full path is / home / your domain / www / where you add all the files and images.
Your front page must be index.html, index.htm or index.shtml.

Cannot send an email mail out?

Today nearly all Internet Service Providers block outgoing mail server (port 25 - SMTP) via external suppliers. Below are some of the common outputs. See their websites for the latest news.

Vodafone: port 465 SSL: YES AUT: YES
Tele2 port 587
Incoming mail is not affected and retrieved as usual from us.

More support?

For any other questions, please visit our frequently asked questions ...