Domains are registered in the holder's name and are renewed for 1 year at a time.
IIS (SE-domains) terms for domains


Domains are registered in the holder's name and are renewed for 2 years at a time.
NU-domains terms for domains

Other domains

Domains are registered in the holder's name and are renewed for 1 year at a time.


Fees for services must be paid in accordance with the prices listed at the time of ordering. Fees must be paid in advance and paid for each year. Unpaid fees will result in subscription cancellation, and the domain name will be made available to others. Erroneous accounts will be turned over to a collection agency. FL-Net reserves the right to change the price list by 3 months' notice. If prices are changed during a subscription period, the changes will not come into effect until that period ends. If prices are reduced during a billing period, no refund will be given for that period.

Period of agreement

The agreement is valid for one year, and will be automatically extended for another year if no cancellation order is received. The client may cancel the agreement at any time. If a cancellation order is made after the start of a calendar year there will be no refund of the basic fee for the current year. A cancellation order must be sent in writing through fax, mail or e-mail.

Transfer of agreement

The agreement cannot be transferred without a written permit from FL-Net.

Cancellation of agreement

FL-Net has the right to withhold services. FL-Net also has the right to cancel an agreement without notice or refund if it is deemed that a client has used the service improperly. Improper usage includes but is not limited to the following:
Distribution of racist, pornographic and/or other illegal or unethical material.
Using the service for illegal activities such as the harassment of companies, organizations or individuals on the Internet or through connected Networks.
Using server programs such as eggdrops or personal servers.
Having active programs on our servers when not being logged on.
Deliberate behaviour likely to have a negative impact on FL-Net system, other users or the Internet itself.

Limitations of FL-Net liability

If technical problems occur through FL-nets deficiency, the company will reduce fees according to the seriousness of the problem. FL-Nets liability is limited to fee reductions only. FL-Net reserves the right to decide the level of fee reduction. FL-Net will not be responsible for problems caused by the errors or technical deficiency of others. A price reduction will not be applicable for interruptions caused by upgrading of systems made in order to improve service to the client.

The client's responsibility

Clients will be responsible for the content of their own correspondence, their contributions to news meetings, the contents of their Web pages, and all activities on the internet or systems connected to the Internet.